Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On the so called Art of getting By.

It's been ages, I know.
How've you been? great? changed the world while I was gone? hardly. Me? well I was just getting by, living my days waiting for something good to happen to me. Something to spin my world upside down, or even Karma to come give me what I deserved.

Until nothing happened. Nobody came, and I got bored. So just like all the other people that had life changing journeys, I went on one as well, to see what the hype was really all about and whether it is worth bragging about or not. Turns out it is, and hear me brag.

Some like minded folk who have been through what I have been through and know exactly what I am talking about went to the Himalayas, others New York, Some Mecca, so you see its not where you really go and I will explain why. Take little old me for example. I went nowhere, yep absolutely no where, Just took a truthful trip inside my head to find out what others found at the corners of this sphere we're all on.

Sparing you the details and the pains I have personally been through, it is Change that we are mostly concerened about here. (if you are happy with your life just the way it is then you are lost my friend, indeed deluded and reading this will make you even more lost and deluded.) So in order to change, lets first look at the facts:-

1.Your Life Sucks:
Admit it, if the 9 year old version of You could meet the You of Now he'd either spit on you in angst and tell you've done a lousy job, or just simply cry. You are such a dissapointment to your ambition, and most importantly your potential.

2.You will not Live forever, Death comes sooner than you think:
It shouldnt take a near death experience for you to realize that, people die everyday and that's enough of a reminder. Guess who's going to die tomorrow? it could be you, or the person you are postponing meeting up with because you know they're there and always will be. So whatever you plan on doing in the future, remember and never forget that the future begins today and so should your plans.

3. You weren't born to just get by:
Ever wonder why you are here? Nobody knows for sure, but one thing is certain, you aren't here just to get by. You aren't playing a walk-on role in some person's life. You have a life of your own so go live it. Don't  wait for it to happen, because it won't. why? everyone else is busy livng their own lives.

4. Don't put your eggs in one basket:
If you are relying on a certain angle, character trait or daddy's money to make you go by through life, well guess what, it will dry up. Even if you are good looking, you will grow old, and with the way you are living your life you will hardly end up like Richard Gere or Helen Mirren. So don't put your eggs in one basket, learn new things..improve yourself and never be satisfied with what you are, you can always be better.

5. Don't think you know it all, you are ignorant:
The most insightful people in the world listen more than they talk, they aren't born insightful, it comes along the way, how? by taking in the world around them. They observe others, listen to them, learn. Never stop learning. You can read all the books in the world, and still not learn a thing, learning is through life, engaging with it, accepting its challenges and beleive it or not failing. fail once, twice, three times, fail as many times as it needs until you get it right. Just don't quit. That's how you learn.

Now what are you waiting for? go out there, become...and if you do this, everyday maybe by the time you die you would have done something worth living for and added something to this world to be remembered by.
See you soon.


Zeinab M Mourad said...

Verry well said... God bless you son... :)

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